Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting Pumped Check In

It's fifteen days into my 'Getting Pumped' challenge and I can't say things have gone as planned. Within hours of my last post I decided on a different core strengthening workout to follow: one I found in a Canadian Running magazine that was within inches of recycling. This workout had me doing a number of exercises standing on one foot (technically referred to as 'single leg stance'). My rationale for the switch was simple: running is, by definition, a repetitive single leg stance activity. I ditched the RW workout for the one-footed wonder without a second thought. The workout was challenging. I could feel all the 'right' muscles kicking and the same were pleasantly sore the next day. It was perfect, or so I thought.
The one thing I didn't take into account was my underlying asymmetry, a state which made itself known on my next long run. Two c-sections and 4 pregnancies take their toll on any woman's pelvic girdle, mine being no exception. I'd had similar issues in the past, but they were long past, so I'd mostly forgotten. Early in to my first long run of the New Year I felt a twinge in my left SI joint.  I could hear it whisper, "Remember me?" Eight miles turned that twinge into a steady throb. It was no longer whispering. I spent the rest of the day correcting my left SI joint rotation and figuratively kicking myself for not sticking with beginner exercises that kept me on two feet for at least a few weeks.
The next day I switched to this program, another from Runner's World. At quick glance you'll be sure to notice that both legs are firmly planted on terra firma, save the last one, which I've chosen to skip for two weeks. If today's 9 miler is any indication, it's doing the trick. Will it amount to my running faster some day? I hope so. I've signed up for a 15K race in March where I'll put it to the test. Wish me luck!

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