Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Routines

It's September 20th which places the girls and I a solid month into the 2011-12 school year. So far it's been uneventful. The girls both like their teachers and have enough friends in class to keep them happy, yet under the misbehaviour radar. Extracurricularly, Emma and Mouse decided almost simultaneously that they weren't 'that into' figure skating and would not be returning to the rink as has been their winter tradition since age 3. Tant pis. As I see it, I've done my patriotic duty, ensuring yet another generation of Canadians who can keep their butts off the blue line. One year we'll make a family a trip to the Ottawa Canal for sugar-topped Beaver Tails on blades. When that happens, all those years rink-side will have been worth it.

As for me, I'm novice teaching 5th and 6th grade Science and learning more than the kids. Thursday I get to teach 6th grade the states of matter. It will be my first full-class instruction and I'm very, very excited. As I write, my freezer is chock-a-block with popcorn-and-shortening 'ice' cubes that the students will melt to a liquified state. In preparation for the liquid to gas transition, I've test-popped corn in an oven bag three times in the past week. Here's hoping the school's hotplate doesn't let me down.

The Captain's travel has started to ramp up again after a summer of relative peace. While it is always a challenge to parent singlehandedly, I trust that life won't dip to depths of last semester any time soon. One bout of shingles is enough for a lifetime, thank you very much. We celebrated our 12th anniversary with dinner at a restaurant that features seasonal dishes made with local produce. In a few weeks time we'll be taking in Wicked with the kids at the P-town Civic Centre and shortly thereafter I'll be turning the big 4-0 in the company of Mighty Mum and The Colonel.

Fall is looking up. Way up.