Friday, October 31, 2008

Blogging My Novel: Rejection Reflection

Number of agents approached: 8

Number of queries completely ignored: 2

Number of rejections on query: 2
(My sincere thanks!)

Number of rejections on query plus partial manuscript: 2
(Again, thanks for taking the time!)

Number of requests for partial manuscript from query: 1
(Can I wash your car?)

Number of requests for full manuscript from query: 1
(Can I paint your house?)

Number of rejections after reading full manuscript: 1
(Since your rejection was so nice, I forgive you...but I won't paint your house.)

Number of requests for full manuscript after reading partial: 1
(I can make a mean stew. You hungry?)

and finally....

Number of agents upon whom all hopes are hanging: 1
(Come on! You know you want it...)


  1. Think JK Rowling - the best comes to those who wait.

  2. Hey, if I was an agent I'd want you. Trust me, you one remaining agent you...yes, I am talking to you...the girl can write and she'd be a dream client.

    I will post my own depressing stats soon....just to show that you are not in this alone.

  3. Hey with my fourth book contract in hand I PHONED eight agents and said I had a firm contract and EMAILED another 7. Even with the contract the eight weren't interested, one said she was retiring (again) and six didn't answer.

  4. Question for DL ...


    If you've already got a contract, why do you want to give away 12% to an agent?

  5. To Alistair...

    Because there's other novels I would like an agent to sell, and I don't trust myself to read a contract.