Monday, December 1, 2008

Blogging My Novel: 25,0000 Words

It was late afternoon today when I clicked 'recount' and saw the magic number for the very first time: 25,000! My novel is now officially 50% longer than it was three weeks ago. I am a bit shocked, to be honest. This past September I thought it was done. Sure, there was some opportunity to polish, but the bulk of the work was finished. Then I was told it was a bit short--I believe the exact expression was 'rather slight.' Could I see making it longer? Little did I know...

As much as I love a tally, it's time to stop counting. Word count is rubbish without quality. I'm just glad to have this hurdle out of the way. I'll be working chapter by chapter in reverse order, searching for ways to deepen the story without slowing it to a death march. At the end of this week it will be tucked away for the holidays, to be revisited in the dawn of 2009. In the meantime I'll be blogging like there's no tomorrow.

Who knows? This might just work out!

Goal: 25,000 words

01 Dec - 25000 !!!
28 Nov - 24077
27 Nov - 23365
25 Nov - 21637
24 Nov - 20641
21 Nov - 19938
20 Nov - 19356
18 Nov - 18901
17 Nov - 18363
14 Nov - 17260
13 Nov - 16930
12 Nov - 16777
11 Nov - 16632


  1. Congratulations.Ah, I remember when Gone was just a whiff of an idea and now look it's a novel.

  2. Don't I know it...hitting that elusive number, then realizing you got too caught up in it, then getting down to the shaping and re-shaping and smoothing down corners. It's fun though! Congrats again!