Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like, please,

  1. a doll that talks and in her handbag her clothes. It needs to be a girl doll.
  2. a white horse and baby horse
  3. a toy kitty
  4. a polar bear backpack
  5. shoes for the baby doll
  6. a snow globe
  7. a toy kitchen
  8. a soft toy porcupine
  9. (oops)
  10. a fuzzy doggy
  11. a big polar bear
  12. a skipping rope
Thank you, Santa.
Mighty Mouse

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like:
  1. little white tiger
  2. little orange tiger
  3. dolphin with a cord that makes music with a baby attached
  4. toy girraf
  5. five medium cars in a bag
  6. (see #10 below)
  7. one baby doll with clothes and a bottle
  8. set of markers
  9. one bear blanket
  10. a giant dolphin that is blue please
Emma the Brave

Let's hope the big guy's been eating his Wheaties!

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