Friday, July 24, 2009

549 Miles

When we left Geneva four months ago, even our most reluctant selves conceded that it would be good to live closer to family again. No jet lag. No jet. Simply hop in the car after breakfast and be among our oldest and dearest by dinner, at least the closest dear ones, that is. Well, we're officially putting our intentions to the test with our first family road trip. Today's 549 mile leg will be surpassed only by the eventual return trip of 997 miles. With 425 miles behind us already, I can honestly say it's not so bad. The girls are watching movies on my lap top and, now that the Captain's behind the wheel, I have the use of his work computer. Yippee! Mobile blogging.

Aside from seeing old friends and family, a change of scenery is long overdue. To be perfectly honest, I'll be happy for a break from my livingroom's lime green patina that has only become more offensive with each passing month. Changing the powder room from builder's white to cocoa bean taupe was enough to remind me that painting is a lot harder than it looks. The living room will eventually get a new coat of something less bilious, but for now I'll be happy not to be reminded of this task every time I walk through the room. I'll also be glad to stop planning for back to school. There is only so much that can be done to prevent the inevitable. I'm fairly certain the university admissions office will be glad of a break from me, too. It would seem a foreign degree from 1993 is quite a daunting thing to assess. Ah, well. Eventually we'll be out of each other's hair.

We've hit our first patch of heavy construction, but the wireless connection is humming. Life is good.


  1. Wow very cool - mobile blogging, now there is no excuse for hourly updates! Miss you lots and hope you are having a good summer and have a great time in the land of the double double! When you get back, HIRE A PAINTER and remember he/she'll be waaaaay cheaper than a boat! Hugs and kisses

  2. Oh by the way that was me (Christine) not Carl :-)

  3. Hey, this sounds like a fun trip. Where are you headed? Painting walls well in dark colors is really hard. The one good thing about the US? Hiring a painter is not as expensive as it is in Switzerland.

  4. Blogging on the road so cool. I can't wait for tomorrow I'm so excited to see you!!!