Monday, December 7, 2009

Move over, Rudolf!

Make way for Honey!

Sporting her adorable antlers, I was sure she was going to get her picture in the paper. It was the annual Peoria Jingle Bell Run and Walk and Honey was in her element. She was petted more in one day than in the last five years combined. Unfortunately, she only got her name in the paper thanks to an upstart Yorkie who had the audacity to lick Santa's beard. Bummer. Next year I'll dress like the Grinch, hitch her to a sleigh and call her Max.

Read all about her here:
Ringing in a record run - Peoria, IL -

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  1. And she's not the only one to get her name in the paper! Honey - you are too cute though truth be told she is definitely more Max than Dasher :-)

  2. Too cute. You're a superstar, Honey!

    I bet the Yorkie has fleas...