Saturday, April 24, 2010

Damn those previews...

I know I must be in a minority, but I'm raising my kids without TV. Don't get me wrong: we have a television. The girls have free reign to watch an hour a day, whatever pre-recorded program we have access to, as long as it's in French from Monday to Friday and in the language of their choice on weekends. We've operated this way for years now. Satellite TV in Switzerland was expensive, especially considering it was British and, therefore, 'verboten.' We could have purchased Swiss satellite, but then what would have been the point. TV, for me, was an escape. Friends with subtitles would have undermined my denial. "How you doin'," was what I needed back then, not "Ca va?"

So, when the family and I headed out west for our attempt at a European ski holiday, you can imagine the excitement when the girls discovered their own personal TV with remote and CABLE. Not fifteen minutes had passed when the girls asked how they could skip the previews. "We just saw this one, Mommy!" Through a poorly concealed grin I had to break it to them. "They're called commercials, girls, not previews. And, no, you can't skip them." You can imagine my joy when, days later, they cried, "We hate these previews."
I hear you girls. I hear you.

You can thank me later.


  1. Good girl...

    Glad the girls are keeping up with their French

  2. You are such a fabulous mom. I try to be half as good as you. I have limits on the computer 30 minutes for weekdays and one hour on weekends. Thanks to apple parental controls. TV just G to PG shows on thanks to parental controls on the digital box. very helpful stuff TV time limits not so much however they prefer to be outside or have friends over most days. We do have TV and video games off after 8pm so they can bath and read. Luckily they love reading, legos and board games so they are not coach potatoes when it rains.

    When they help me with chores or complete homework in a timely maner. I dish out extra computer time in 15 minute intervals. 15 mins on the mac is very motivating for them.

    Glad to see you found some time too share your stories. I miss your blogging.

  3. Ha! That's the main reason I don't miss American television one bit!

    I've gotta say, Melissa, you amaze me. bravo. Even with your studying you keep up with the no TV. I think I'd be going, "Should we just set up a tent in front of the screen, girls? That way you can eat and sleep here, too!? :)

    we miss you here! katie