Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Low Tech

Emma marches through the kitchen carrying a broomstick with a flag mounted on the end. Mouse follows with a deceptively heavy purple velvet bag. The two go out the back door and head for the climber from which Emma waves her flag in the direction of the Keegan backyard. Mouse joins in, shaking her velvet bag out the club house window. The clatter of a few dozen marbles fills the air.

Seconds later a voice calls from over the fence. "Can you play?"

Who needs a phone?


  1. Love it! Wish there was a photo accompaniment.


    P.S. Not sure about how to interpret the reactions. What exactly does "Ha!" mean - seems to me it is open to interpretation.

  2. Yes I agree with SandyCove she must be one smart lady where are the photo accompaniments. I know your a writer but that doesn't mean you get to skip on photos. We all want to see those beautiful faces.