Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day

The girls couldn't have been more excited on this, the first day of school. Emma is beginning her final year of elementary school and Mouse is two years behind, beginning grade three. The class lists were posted last week, so they knew their teachers already, both by face and reputation. Maya was all ready to march off to school with them. I have another week before my first day. I'll be spending the time preparing for my first of two licensing exams. Wish me luck!
The Captain walking his girls to the bus stop.


  1. Aw M, I love this post. I love that the girls are so big and beautiful though I hate that the girls are so big! How beautifully idyllic is your walk to the bus stop - seriously wow! How gorgeous if your Maya-girl taking over from some big school-walking paws! Finally, I wish you luck preparing and writing your exams and then I wish to see you here July 2013!!! xxx

  2. The girls look so sweet - Love the tartan skirts.

    Good luck with the exams.


  3. This is really a wonderful post. I love the picture of Captain and the girls walking to the bus stop. Something lovely about it. Also the puppy is growing cute.