Saturday, January 28, 2012

Teacher Rant: Old School Measuring Cups, Dear Pyrex.

To whom this may concern at Pyrex:
A few months ago my 1-cup liquid measure broke during an unfortunate dishwashing accident. Its design was what I must now describe as 'old school'. It had increment markings that could be read only from the outside with the observer crouched down to the level of the meniscus of the liquid inside. I have since attempted to replace the aforementioned cup without success. It would seem the only 1-cup liquid measures sold in my area are the more modern 'read from above' variety. As a teacher and science educator, I am disappointed that a manufacturer of measuring tools would make such a blatant design flaw. Consider the following photos of the same volume of cooking oil.

In the world of baking, where the liquid to dry ratio is key, this is a huge discrepancy and, quite simply, unacceptable. I would highly recommend you reconsider this design, if not for me, then for the future bakers and scientist who I must forcibly re-educate in my classroom. 
Thanks for this,
Mrs. Miller aka Mighty Mom

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