Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camp Miller 2012

Since moving to P-town, Camp Miller has become an annual tradition. It fills those weeks of summer that aren't taken up by day camp or trips out of town as a family. Days pass in a blink, filled with trips to the library, the local museum, destination bike rides, hikes, and crafts galore. Of course, I can't resist dabbling in academia. They read, write, and do math, too, every day save weekends. I've had them test multitude of websites that I hope to use with my students next year. My girls are such good sports! This year we have to squeeze in gymnastics and cross country practices, piano and flute lessons, and dog sitting. I can hardly believe June is over already. As kids return to school mid-August here, I feel like summer is passing by too quickly. 

Evelyn and Madelaine at the K'nex exhibit ( Lakeview Museum )

Maddy and Evelyn resting at Starbucks, our first destination bike ride.

Evelyn and her painted lizard tile (pre-firing)

Madelaine and her painted random tile (pre-firing)

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