Thursday, May 30, 2013

Survival Tactics...or not.

I asked my departing students to write a note to their 4th grade replacements on how best to succeed in Mrs. Miller's 5th grade class. Many decided to express their incorrigible senses of humour instead. Here is a montage of their advice.
  1. Always use red pen.
  2. Never double space your writing.
  3. If she writes a number in your planner, you get a piece of candy.
  4. When she says, "Give me five," talk louder.
  5. When she says, "If you can hear my voice clap three times," hit your neighbour three times--hard.
  6. Use your 'Out of Control' voice when you speak.  Mrs. Miller can be a little deaf.

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  1. Love it...great to see you back...we missed you