Saturday, January 2, 2016

Getting Pumped

I'm injured.


This week its an abdominal strain from cross-country skiing. Last week --yes, last week-- it was a knee sprain while snowboarding in heavy powder. And then there was the peroneus longus tendonitis last spring, the back strain last winter, and the decades-long hallux valgus which has resulted in countless blisters and a painfully recurrent Morton's neuroma. My body has been telling me to get stronger for years and I've been mostly ignoring it. Only injuries seem to get my attention and then I am the world's best patient, icing, stretching, and strengthening myself back into painless bliss only to regress shortly thereafter in a false sense of invincibility. The pattern is a repeating one with ever-shortening intervals, so I'm on the hunt for a lasting solution. Yoga? Why not! Carefully directed calisthenics? Clearly. The trouble isn't knowing what to do, but actually doing it. Accountability is what is missing and I'm apparently willing to give myself plenty of slack. Hence this blog post. For the next few weeks I plan to share my Getting Pumped resolution journey.

So here's the link for this week's workout courtesy of Runner's World. I like it because it it is working on my core that is woefully weak at the moment. It's also easy on the knees as my sprain is making itself known. I may have to adapt it due to my stage of recovery, bending my knees on the plank and possibly skipping the advanced plank all together. Regardless, I need to get it in at least 4 days this week to make a difference.

So here I go.

Getting off the couch.



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