Monday, October 8, 2007

La Fête de la Courge

By all rites, it should have been raining. It normally does the second weekend in October when Corsier hosts their annual Fête de la Courge. But this year the sun gained the upper hand, bringing the whole village out to eat great cauldrons of squash soup served with a liberal sprinkling of Gruyère and chunks of crusty bread.

With the family camera in hand, I wandered into the crowd, planning to take some candid blog-worthy pictures. At the fresh produce stand I met the family who kept the girls for lunch on the days I was in Toronto last month. At the paella stand I confirmed Evelyn's planned attendance at the cook's son's birthday party this coming Tuesday. In fact, every time I looked through the view finder there was yet another person to say hello to. It was a beautiful more ways than one.

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