Thursday, February 14, 2008

Change Crusader

"I'm pregnant!"

"Me, too."

It should have come as no surprise. We'd lived our lives that way, my cousin, Sherry and I. We'd discovered our first strands of gray hair within days of each other. Our first apartments had been only floors apart. Born with only four months between us, our respective graduations, weddings and babies occurred so close to the others' that our hairstyles barely had time to change between photos. But then, on March 27, 2005, our lives parted company: Sherry's third child, Ashley, was born and nearly died the same day.

Almost three years later, Ashley lives on. Her story is Sherry's to tell. She's started a blog that I hope soon she will be ready to share. For now, Sherry has become a Change Crusader, raising money for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto where Ashley was saved. Children from all over the world are brought to this incredible center for care they would never be able to receive or afford anyplace else. If you have means, please click here and give what you can.

Miracles can happen. I know one named Ashley.

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