Tuesday, February 26, 2008


"Look at all the hair!"

I don't know who said it first--the doctor or Daddy. You see, your big sister, Emma the Brave, was born bald. In fact, she stayed bald for almost a year. We assumed you'd be the same. It never occurred to us that you'd come out with a full head of hair and hollering like you did. It was like you wanted Daddy and me to know that you weren't just another girl-- you were Mighty Mouse.

Later that day, you met Emma and Granny. Granny gave you a nice cuddle. Emma gave you a kiss. And someone--your Nanna and Poppa, I think--gave you Pink Bear, the love of your life.

That night I laid awake beside you, watching you sleep. Now that you were out where I could see you, I could barely close my eyes. And you think you're excited about your birthday! Mommy was more.

Today you're five, sweet pea, and I can't help but wonder how that happened so fast. Know that Mommy loves you for a million-and-one reasons. You're smart and patient and kind and generous. You love to dance and sing and draw and dream. You can even burp like a pirate! But never forget the most important reason of all: Mommy loves you because you're Mighty Mouse.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

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