Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blogging My Novel: Week 16 1/3

Okay, here's the deal: it was a busy week.

In case you haven't been following , Mighty Mouse celebrated her fifth birthday last Tuesday. The party was Wednesday afternoon, the day Swiss kids have no school. It was nothing outrageous. There was no clown, no juggler, no magician, and no multi-storey bouncy castle. It was just the birthday girl, her sister, and six of her closest friends eating copious amounts of pizza, chips, and cupcakes along with a few carrot sticks, tomatoes, and grapes thrown in for good measure. The kids made their own party favours, painting terracotta pots which we later filled with the live primrose of their choice. It was a raging success...exhausting, too. Add to that two full days at the school, house guests, a dinner party, and general fatigue and this writer cried Uncle!

Did I write at all last week? Um, sort of. I scrapped an entire scene and rewrote it. The new one is slightly shorter than the first, hence the temporary drop in word count. On the upside, at least this new one makes sense. I admit the setback contributed to my feelings of fatigue. I don't much like going backward, no matter how justified it is. Truth be told, I'm ready for this draft to be over. I'm gaining unwelcome perspective having worked on it this long. If you've ever stared at yourself in the mirror too closely then you know what I mean. This puppy needs to be stuffed in a drawer somewhere and soon.

So now it's crunch time. March 15th, the day I must send a copy to my critiquing partner, is uncomfortably close. It's a good thing my guests brought me some Belgian chocolates. I'm going to need them.

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