Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moving Day

The day was fast approaching for our unsuspecting seedlings to move house. They were sprouting their first real leaves which, according to my sources, meant it was time. I made a trip past the garden center Friday afternoon and came home all the materials required to transplant the Miller verger. What follows is either a how-to or how-not-to lesson on transplanting apple tree seedlings--only time will tell. Rest assured, I'll keep you posted.

Step 1
Place a few drainage beads at the bottom of each container.

Step 2
Moisten soil and break up any lumps. A fork works reasonably well, but the girls liked using their fingers.

Step 3
Fill individual containers with soil.

This part is messy, hence...

Step 4
Call in the clean up crew.

Step 5
Carefully unearth seedlings then bury well, covering all of the root and a portion of the stem.

Step 6
Be proud.

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