Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The New Arrivals

Okay, so Peanut had been looking a little chubby around the mid-section. How were we to know she was pregnant?

Just to bring everyone up to speed, yesterday morning the girls' recently acquired pet hamster gave birth to a wriggling pink pile of pups. We'd had her nine days. There might be nine pups.

Getting a hamster was Kirk's idea. I wasn't so keen. To me, a hamster sounded like a kind of conciliatory pet--the one you settle for when your parents say no to the dog, cat or iguana you really wanted. We already had a dog, so I didn't see the point. But after months of unmanly whimpering, I finally conceded. After all, how much work could one hamster be?

Well, it turns out that a hamster that's just had a litter of pups is more worry than work. For at least the next two weeks the nest must remain undisturbed. We'll feed Peanut and she'll nurse the pups, but cleaning the cage is out of the question. This, of course, frees us up for the worry: finding homes for the wee ones before they start getting frisky. We've got 28 days.

Any takers?

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