Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What day is it, Mommy?

It can't be easy for kids in Switzerland to learn the days of the week. After all, they're only in school for four of them; weekends and Wednesdays are off. In our house it had become a real issue. No sooner did Mighty Mouse get into the rhythm of the school week than she was off again. Thursday mornings were routinely met with outrage. Can you blame her? Imagine being robbed of your Sunday every week since last September. Add to this the complexity of learning the days of the week in two languages and one is wont to forgive her completely--almost. Weekly hysterics do get old.

Here's my solution assembled from construction paper, sticky tape, and a clothes pin. On her insistence, it's posted on her bedroom door. She loves it and, what's more, she's known what day it is for over a week.

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