Saturday, May 24, 2008

Allergy Angst

I sniff. I blink.
I cough and wheeze.
I think I am about to sneeze.

My nose is red.
My ears? They itch.
My eyelids have begun to twitch.

Don't rub. Don't scratch.
It makes them worse.
But if I don't I think I'll burst.

Just one light swipe.
It's such a tease.
Would someone pass a tissue please?

I've had enough.
I'm getting pissed.
Quick! Someone call the allergist!

I shouldn't weed,
and yet I do.
With that I bid you all---



  1. Poor you. Good poem and gorgeous picture.

    Mighty Mom the First

  2. Too funny. Hope you managed to get some drugs to sort you out.