Friday, May 2, 2008

Desperate Times

I've posted signs at the girls' school and the school I volunteer at. I've had friends post signs at their children's schools. I even put an add on the on-line classifieds and another in the Captain's corporate community newsletter. But despite all these efforts, I've only found homes for four of Peanut's nine babies. Oh, sure, there's time. After all, puberty is a solid three weeks away. But still...

I was all set to call into the 'on-air' classifieds program on the English radio station this morning. Ten minutes before it was scheduled to start, I turned on my radio. Nothing. Just static. Figuring the kitchen radio was at fault, I went out to the car. Nope. Finally, I tried the computer. No goods. It was official: the bloody station was, for some unknown reason, off the air.


I listened to static for quite a few minutes before I realized that any sensible person would have changed stations by now, so even if they miraculously began transmitting again before the hour was up, I'd be advertising the pups to virtually no one.


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