Saturday, April 18, 2009

**it Happens

76 bags x 2-3 piles of poop per bag = 152 - 228 times 
I've had not-so-nice thoughts about the previous home owners.  


  1. I really am completely shocked that people would have the complete and utter lack of regard for others to leave their former yard in that state. I would sue them regarding the faulty sump pump SOLELY on the basis of having left their backyard in such condition for you. I went to bed in a fury last night after reading this!!!

  2. Definately agree with C; you're in America, now, babe: SUE SUE SUE. And what kind of realators sell you a house with a faulty sump pump and a backyard full of poop????

    katie h

  3. Kinda a change from how you leavea Swiss place isn't it?

    Are you sure the Captain can't get transferred back