Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mighty's Economic Stimulus Package

With all the big ticket items we've been buying, it's beginning to feel like we are single-handedly trying to turn around the American economy. A house, five appliances, a car, and a million other odds and ends are taking their toll. It makes me think silly things like, 'Do we really need this box of cereal or can we wait a few days?' It's not that we can't afford the cereal--we can. I just have a strong urge to stem the flow. Ah, well. Profittez America! It won't last forever.


  1. Maybe Obama will give you a medal.
    And does it seem weird to find stores open on a Sunday and after 7 at night????

  2. oh what fun.. new appliance sounds wonderful. When are we going to see the house pictures.