Thursday, November 19, 2009

Confessions from Detox: Day 5

I entered the lion's den today — Panera. I was there to buy bagels for tomorrow morning's celebratory breakfast. Dreams of caffeine-stoked carbicide danced in my head as the smell of warm, gingerbread bagels greeted me at the door.

It's not been easy, this detox thing. I've discovered that I reap an incredible amount of comfort from the more-than-occasional sweet and cuppa. It has definitely made me aware of how often a convenient cracker, bowl of pasta or granola bar takes the place of a vegetable or fruit in my diet.

An unexpected byproduct of this experiment was how my new habits influenced the girls. While I did not insist that they eat what I was eating, suddenly Emma was scoffing down rice cakes with baba ghanouj and Mouse was fighting me for the raisins. It was nice to see them making new food choices of their own accord. I, for one, will not miss my oatmeal tomorrow, but something tells me that Emma will be asking for some.

1 comment:

  1. I love Panera but the thought of gingerbread bagels totally turns me off. Gingerbread belongs in cookies,or a loaf. Bagels s/b sesame, poppyseed or (in desperation) plain. As an alternative, I am with the girls, rice cakes with baba ghanoush - could it be in the gene pool?