Monday, November 23, 2009

Toxic and loving it!

We did it! The Captain and I detoxed together and no one filed divorce papers. I had my full-caf cappuccino Friday morning with a gingerbread bagel and I swear I was higher than a kite within 15 minutes. Honestly, my pupils were dilated. It's taken me this long to come back down to keyboard level.

On a more serious note, I've decided that diet colas are not my friend and that I'm going to stay away from them. Since going back to school I've ingested a sickening amount of caffeine. It was taking its toll, evidently, because I never got a fever despite having flu-like symptoms for two days and a mild headache for five.

I have to say that the Captain was especially irritating over the duration. As he's been known to eat things like muesli without the pretense of detox, all he seemed to crave was his evening beer. I, on the other hand, was missing something morning, noon, and night. Sometimes he looked so damn relaxed that I was tempted to wave an open bottle of Guinness under his nose just to see him suffer. Let's just say detoxing does not bring out my best qualities.

So detox is over and it's only three days until American Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for pictures of my neighbours' inflatable fowls. Leave it to American suburbia to take gratitude to a whole new level.


  1. I used to think coffee was a habit - but reading your detox trials I realise it proabably is more than that - I get a headache if I miss my morning coffee let a lone a whole weeks worth - well done for sticking to it. Are you going back to your pre-detox intake?

  2. Oh poor you sounds like you the flu to me ... looking forward to your inflatable fowls pics. Enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Hmm, it seems that the the Captain is not only selectively cheap but also selectively smug. Don't tell him I said that because I need him to help me determine the specs for my new Mac.

    Seriously, way to go, Melissa. I will never forget the migraine-like headaches I experienced on the two occasions when I was involuntarily deprived of my daily caffeine fix due to circumstances.


  4. Selectively smug...oooh I like that. Glad you had a positive experience, mine was as well. Regarding the diet colas, remember it's not just caffeine you are ingesting but also a whole wack of chemicals. Good plan to keep them at bay. Very funny post BTW, classic Melis!

  5. From someone who would drink a couple of liters of Coke a day, I can sympathise. I now have one Coke a month, the happiest day of the month. I do cheat with a Zero Coke from time to time so I won't put back the weight I lost. Coffee I can do without and do. Tea is another thing. It is an emotional experience.

    Loved reading about your experience. So much more fun than doing it.