Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogging My Novel: Didn't You Used to Write?

A year ago I sent out 17 queries for my middle-grade novel in hope of agency representation. Seven were rejected on sight, seven disappeared into query oblivion, but three had the desired effect: a request to read part or all of my pride and joy. It took over nine months for the final rejections to trickle in, but arrive they did. I'm apparently a "writer with real talent" and my story is "well crafted" with "many possibilities," but given the current "economic climate" they have had to make a decision that they "may regret." Not to appear ungracious but @#$&!

Starting my BSc in Elementary Education put my planned revision of Gone on hold. Swamped by sixteen hours of class for two semesters in a row, I slept less, ate more and drank way too much caffeine. Needless to say, I finished the year with honors and withdrawal.

Days after my final exam I was asked by one of my professors to help her write a textbook of case studies.  Over the ensuing two months I wrote ten cases, including six to nine study questions each.  Again, Gone was put aside.  Stalling am I? Maybe...

With only 3½ weeks to go before the start of school, I'm running out of time. Should I submit Gone to publishers as is? My gut reaction is no. I know it would benefit from more depth. So its off to the revision chair tonight. I'll be posting a tally of my hours. I'd like to put in five before Friday.  The scary thing about this is that I'll be writing new stuff to add, not revising the old. I always find that a tad intimidating and I don't have my Birks to steer me straight. Ach! So can I do it? Revise and submit before the start of term? 

We'll see... 


  1. Bet you can - they don't call you Mighty Mom for nothing!

  2. Good luck! You can DO it!!!!

  3. I had a fantasy that I would meet you at the IWWG conference this summer. A conversation about you with Susan Tiberghien had to suffice. I appreciate your work, go forward.