Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Mrs. Miller

"I hope your 5th grade classroom is nice to you because if there not I'm going down there and say show some respect and their lucky to have you."
"Thanks for teaching us about poetry and because of you my brother will be proud of me. "
"I will miss your beautiful smile every day."
"We liked the fraction party you threw us. We got to mix the juice and soda. We got to mix the snacks, too."
"You are the best student teacher ever except  for Mr. S."
"When we were having hard times you told us to write you a note."
"Thank you for helping us to get 25 compliments and have a free shirt (not uniform) day."
"I liked doing the lunch bunch."
"Thank you for teaching us our multiplication facts better. I'll remember math the most out of all you teached us."
"Maybe you can be my 5th grade teacher."
"I really liked Social Studies and Science Jeopardy."
"Thank you for teaching us how to use Wordsmyth and the Smartboard."
"Thank you to teach us. Have a good summer."
"I think by the time I go to fifth grade I will know a lot of stuff because of your hard work."
"My favourite thing to do is the bird beak thing."
"I liked the plants we grew." 
"I love how you say sorry. At first I didn't understand you."
"The thing I will remember about you is your laugh."
"I liked it when you timed us when we went to bathroom and challenged us to beat our best time."
"I like that when we don't turn something in you give us a pink slip."
"If we don't understand something you take the time to do a huddle. You don't just make us do it without help."
 "I liked the story about how they named Canada: C-A(eh)-N-A(eh)-D-A(eh)."
"I remember your favourite food is cake. I really love cake, too. We are similar."
 "Your favourite food is cake. I really don't like cake that much."
 Thank you so much x 24,
Mrs. Meyer's 4th grade class


  1. OMG I love these commennts, how incredibly flattering and gratifying. Clearly you are meant to do what you are doing. Oh, and for the record...I love cake too! xx Congrats Melis, you deserve every one of 'em!

  2. I've always said how lucky kids would be to have you for teacher just like the girls are lucky to have you as a mother and I'm lucky to have you as friend.

  3. Aww love these notes. Who the heck is Mr. S - he must be some kind of minor deity.