Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you know this lady?

The woman at U.S. Immigration was quite serious, though she sported a friendly smile that confused Emma the Brave. Emma gave me a look as if to say, 'Is this a joke?'

The immigration woman dropped her smile and asked Emma again, "Do you know this lady? Who is she?"

Emma giggled but didn't answer. She looked at me. I patted her on the shoulder. "You need to tell her who I am, Sweetie, it's important"

Emma finally confessed that I was her mommy and the woman moved on to Mighty Mouse. During the previous exchange, Mouse had been so focussed on blowing the perfect bubble that she'd hadn't heard a thing.

"Who's this lady?" the woman asked.

Mighty Mouse burst out laughing. (Obviously, I should have prepared the girls a little better for this portion of the trip.) The woman let her calm down before asking again.

"She's mommy," said Mighty Mouse, still grinning.

"Do you want to go to Switzerland?" the woman asked.

Mouse's smile disappeared and she went suddenly quiet. My heart sank. She was coming off three weeks packed with every fun thing her extended family could think of and more sugar that she's ever eaten in her life. I swear I could see her recounting each and every event as we all waited for her response. After what seemed like forever she nodded, still staring at her Crocs.

The immigration lady was not convinced. Neither was I. "Why do you want to go to Switzerland?" the woman probed.

Mighty Mouse looked up at the lady and her smile returned. "To see my hamster," she said.

The immigration lady handed me our passports. "Have a nice trip."


  1. One more excellent reason for expats to have pets at "home."

    If Immigration had asked that question to HeHeelys about India...eek!

  2. Well the hampster finally earned her keep. And Llara is finally off the hook for saying as we went through customs and looked at the declaration slip and the customs person, and said, "Gee, Mum I thought we bought a lot more than that." However, this is just one more reason I dread, make that DREAD, going back to the states for Christmas, but my daughter is worth it.