Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Mighty Mouse sat in the tall, armed stool with a poise not normally attributable to a five-year-old.

"Stand right there, Mommy."

I stepped forward into position. She grabbed both my hands and together we waited while the teenage salesperson and the store manager loaded their weapons. The toes of Mouse's black Mary Jane Crocs grazed the hem of my skirt. We could still make a break for it, but I knew she wouldn't let me.

I always said the girls could pierce their ears when they were ready. After all, my ears were pierced, twice even, and for a brief period of time I'd even sported a belly button ring. But it had never occurred to me the feelings I was going experience once the decision was made. Was I insane? How could I let perfect strangers punch holes into my precious child?

The younger salesperson had drawn two small purple dots on her perfect little lobes. After careful inspection, Emma had her move the one on the left a little closer to Mouse's head. She'd settled on a pair of cubic zirconium studs so she could look like me and for a brief moment I wished I'd never worn earrings.

The jewelry shop ladies moved into position. They would work in synchrony. They counted out loud, "One, two, " and it was done.

Mighty Mouse looked up at me smiling with the faintest hint of tears in her eyes. She looked beautiful. I told her so.


  1. oh wow earrings how great is that. I bet the girls are pleased.

  2. Cute. I had mine piereced when I was five too. Did Emma have hers done too?

  3. I made Llara wait and wait and wait then it was a surprise present for her 13th birthday (she thought she'd have to wait until she was 16). It is a right of passage, isn't it. Have to admit I swallowed a couple of time. So glad you savour these moments.

  4. In her infinite seven-year-old wisdom, Emma the Brave has decided to have her ears pierced when she is nine. I have long since learned not to argue with such predictions. Emma does what she does when she is good and ready and not a moment sooner.

  5. YOU are brave. I am scared for little girls with pierced ears rough housing on the playground! Seriously. That scares me! ... on the other hand... my 5yo is very independent. Like a cat! I like to encourage that. I also understand that girls are incredibly complex creatures. The drive to develop and be like mom and ... well, everything.. is at least 18 more levels deeper than the male species of child. My daughter has not pressed for earrings, yet. Currently I think my answer is 'not until she's in HS and earns the money herself'. But, it's... complex... I hope I am as brave when it is my turn.

  6. In the 60s it was still controversial to have yr ears pierced in N England at least....had to do a lot of convincing. And it was NOT comfortable; the piercings often bled and needed attention. You have forayed bravely forward! Bravo for this time and for your very attractive blog. It made me smile on a Monday morning!

  7. A belly button ring??? That was news to me.