Saturday, August 2, 2008


We spent a few hours today at Kempenfest on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Barrie, Ontario. Rows of white tents lined the waterfront where artisans from Ottawa to Niagra-on-theLake displayed their wares in every imaginable medium. There were loons and bullrushes laser cut from steel; Canada geese in oil on canvas; wooden moose, soap moose, candy moose, stuffed moose; and images of woodlands in every seasonal and diurnal mood. When I was permitted I took pictures of some of my favourites, but I couldn't help wishing I could bring some of it home. It's too bad my tastes run so heavy and/or breakable.

By the way, the girls found a drinking fountain while at the festival. They didn't know what it was. When I showed them how it worked, Emma asked, "Is it eau potable?"


  1. I love these posts of yours from Canada, especially the reverse culture shock bits. Do keep 'em coming. Is it eau potable? :-)