Thursday, February 19, 2009


It was Wednesday night. I was tired and not at all in the mood for the birthday gathering I'd promised to attend. Tuesday we'd made an offer on a house.  The owners had countered our offer not once, but twice. We'd gone to bed with yet a third offer in the fire.  To say I slept poorly would be an understatement. But the party was for Evelyn's teacher. I would go, impending coma be damned. 

As it turns out the party was for me. Over twenty-five mothers and fathers from Corsier had congregated at a dear friend's home to wish me farewell. Even the supposed birthday girl was in attendance. I was showered with gifts: fondue forks and cowbell napkins; chocolates and cheese. But most importantly, I came away with the knowledge that I'd made friends in a language and culture not my own, friends I will never forget. 

Merci mille fois, mes amis! Vous me manquerez plus que je peux dire. 

I slept better last night. And, wouldn't you know? We got the house!


  1. Aren't the friends we meet abroad so special? How nice that they had a going away party for you. It's a good thing you showed up!

    Congratulations on the house and good luck with the move!

  2. How great is that you totally deserve a party! I hope everything works out with the house it sounds crazy in the current market that they wouldn't just jump at any offer coming in their direction. You will have to post a picture of that house to share with us.

  3. AAAHHH, you got a house and you didn't call me toute de suite????? OK, fine, but I want details. Lovely news on the party front though, I know that you've touched a lot of lives here.

  4. We'll miss you, pet. I am sorry I was not there. Have emailed you about your piano, i would like it, please.