Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Geneva Top Five

I can't help but get a touch sentimental at times like this. We're moving in less than a week and heaven knows when we'll make it back.  If there is one thing the last few months have taught me is that the best laid plans can change when you least expect them. In honour of this, for the next few days I will share with you the top five things I will miss about Geneva. To keep things from getting too sappy, I'll share my least favourite things as well--there are a few.  Here goes!

Things I will miss #5:  Travel

Porticos in Bologna, Italy

Beer in Belgium

Walking the Beach in Argeles, France

Champagne in Epernay

Above the clouds in Interlaken

The Market in Barcelona, Spain

View over Lugano, Switzerland

Cinque Terra, Italy

Things I won't miss #5:
Having to go to three different stores for groceries.  Why is it impossible to find Colgate toothpaste, creamy peanut butter, chili powder and beer all at the same store?  Why must I go to France to buy Cheerios and Nateos cereal? Both are packaged by Nestle and last time I checked Nestle was SWISS! Migros and Coop both carry Heinz ketchup but only Coop carries Heinz baked beans. Why? Why? Why?


  1. I can still remember the sights and smells of that Barcelona market as well as the tastes of the purchases we made. Yumm.


  2. Your comments about the things you'll miss and those that you won't sound oh-so-similar! Actually, EVERY SINGLE ONE has been on my plus or minus list of life in Geneva!

    Enjoy your last few days there. We can all commiserate together about missing Geneva life once you're settle in P-town.