Monday, March 23, 2009

The Top (and Bottom) of Geneva

The number one thing I will miss about Geneva: 
The People 
(you know who you are)

The Birkenstocks

My Biking Belgian

Crazy Canadians

Muses in the South of France

The Original Diehards

Canadians--We're Everywhere!

The Geneva Writers' Group and their exceptional leader

My Corsier Family

And the number one thing I won't miss about Geneva: 
The Occasional Public Toilet

And, yes, this is the ladies room.  It's 2009 people!!!

Good-bye, Au Revoir, and See You Soon!!!


  1. We'll miss you. Thank goodness for blogs. Bon Voyage!

  2. Oh, i'm going to miss you. Stay in touch and have a safe trip.

  3. AMEN on not missing those toilets!

    Thinking of you today. The last day is the hardest. (With the possible exception of the view from the plane as you take off from Geneva...I bawled my eyes out!)

  4. Looks like the toilets in China in 1984 - only cleaner.


  5. Argh! We'll miss you so much! Have a great trip and drop a line when you're settled. And I cannot believe I actually wore that outfit in Argeles! Yikes! How long has tie-dye been out??????