Friday, January 1, 2010

The First of 360: Rules by Emma and Mouse

It's a new year everywhere by now, even here in P-town where it is either 12 below or 10 above depending on which side of the metric divide you stand on. The house smells of curried leg of lamb and burnt onions courtesy of the Captain who is comfortably ensconced in the living room with the latest Dan Brown. The girls are snacking on cheese cubes and baby carrots and I'm recovering with a beer after having spent a humbling day sewing curtains. Honey's keeping me company, likely hoping I'll drop a pita chip in her general direction. It's been a lovely, quiet New Year's Day.

I love the blank slate of a New Year, the endless possibility of time not yet spent. I've decided to blog more, hence this post being the first of 360. For their New Year's gesture, the girls decided to write up rules for their rooms. With their permission, I've shared them below. As long as you remember that farts are permitted in Emma's room, but not in Mouse's, the rest are almost the same. The Captain has decided he wants to cook more. I suspect my resolution might help his along, especially if my readership is keen on inflicting some public ridicule his direction.

The girls have moved on from their snack and are now alternately wearing my witch's hat, sorting each other into the houses of Hogwarts. Emma sorts Mouse into Ravenclaw and she whines in protest. She wants Gryffindor. Don't we all?

Happy New Year all! See you tomorrow.

Rules by Emma:

Rules by Mouse


  1. Molly highly resents the rule about "No dogs pooping in my room". She feels that Emma & Mouse can't forgive & forget. After all it has been over six months since she has done such a thing. She just spent over a week with them and (in spite of the fact that they frequently left their bedroom doors open) she never strayed from the acceptable outdoor defecation spots. Give a girl a break, please!

    Mighty Mum for Molly

  2. Dear Molly,

    While the girls forgive you, they cannot help but still be grossed out by the memory. The rule stands.

    Love you, anyway!

    Emma and Mouse

  3. See Mighty Mom, #9 and #13, respectively, clearly state "No Pulling Down Your Pants" need to STOP this behavior right NOW or face the consequences!