Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meet the Austins, Take Two

I read Meet the Austins by Madeleine L'Engle as a teenager and fell in love. I don't believe it was for the story per se. The plot was fairly simple: a large New England family takes in a spoiled only child after the death of her parents and all must learn to adapt. What truly grabbed my attention was L'Engle's portrayal of life in a large family. I was an only child, you see, and would have given my eye teeth for a sibling... or a puppy. The Austin's had two — dogs, that is — and four kids until Maggie-the-Terror arrived. In any case, Meet the Austins gave me the taste of family life that was a little less Brady than I'd otherwise been exposed to. I'm reading it to the girls right now and I can't help but chuckle. A family with five kids and two dogs? I think I'd lose my mind.

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  1. Coming from my experience with 4 kids and 3 fish I'm 100% sure you wouldn't lose your mind. Mom and Dads get time to adjust as for must the kids come one at a time sometimes with a few years in between unless you're a famous TLC family. Actually parenting many kids at once or one with special needs is easier then you image pretty sure of that. I couldn't image my life any different then it is. I'm 100% sure that if I had stopped at 2 I wouldn't be any happier then I am but I would probably be getting more sleep.