Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to the Blogosphere

Hey there!
I know. Long time no blog. What can I say? The last nine months has passed as a blur. Oh, there were definitely some blog-worthy moments. I hope to get to them all over the coming months. Emma the Brave turned double-digits, Mighty Mouse turned 8, and the Captain turned 40! Heh, heh. (Remind me to share how the Captain killed the battery on his new car.)
In my defence, I've blogged over 20 times since January for my Math Methods course. Yes, blogging is now a university-level required skill! It boggles the mind that I completed my first degree with a merely a typewriter. Now you need Internet access 24/7 and assignments have due dates like Sunday, January 23rd at 11:59pm. In any event, Melissa's Math Munch Box is not the least bit interesting unless you plan to teach math to kids ages 5 to 15. Warning: any attempt at completing the referred to readings in 15 weeks or less may result in shingles. (Yet another story that warrants sharing).
I just completed a required art course. It was a hoot. A perfect summer activity if you ask me, that is, if your going to be studying anyway. The following are my teaching prototypes created by both me and Emma. I bet you'll have trouble guessing which are hers. Send me an email if you want instructions for kids at school or home. They require no fancy tools, only humility.

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  1. Beautiful you need to frame those pieces of Art please. Okay no clue who's are who's too. Math tips always come in handy for me around here Do you understand grade 5 patterning me and James do not. Daddy gets it but not sure he's so good at bringing it down to a grade 5 level he tries. This week James is moving on to fractions wish me luck schools not out until the end of the month. I bet your blog may help me.

    Most importantly WOO HOO so happy your back to blogging miss you lots. Please surprise me with a visit very very soon.