Monday, June 6, 2011

A Week at Camp Mighty: Day 1

Campers arrived in their pyjamas Monday morning demanding food only to discover that, at Camp Mighty, campers make their own breakfast. They also would be making lunch-- a picnic to be eaten at a nearby-but-yet-to-be-explored park. A menu of turkey sandwiches, apples, bananas, water and Swiss chocolate was selected by the campers, prepared and packed for the excursion. Detweiller Park did not disappoint. There were plenty of nooks and crannies for a rousing game of Hide and Seek. The play equipment was a tad toasty, but that could only be blamed on the skyrocketing temperatures and matching humidity. It is the Midwest after all!
A muddy, sticky, and steamy hike along the sorely misnamed Dry Creek Trail was followed by Dairy Queen and a swim.

All in all the campers had a terrific day and Mighty Mom, Head Counsellor and Assistant Chef, got to know her daughters again. They were sorely missed.

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  1. Hey Mighty family, welcome back to the Blogosphere! Great to see some pics too. Bet you're all glad summer is here and school is almost over eh? Looking forward to catching up on some of those anecdotes from the past year. Missed ya! xx