Thursday, July 31, 2008

In Canada, Girls Can--And Do!

There is not much that still bothers me about living in Switzerland. Most things that did I've come to accept and even appreciate. Aside from a few notable exceptions, shops are closed on Sundays. Vegetables and fruit are available seasonally. Chocolate is considered a health food. But one thing that still irks me the relative scarcity of girls' athletics.

Football and hockey are boys sports in Switzerland. Girls are not turned away, but it is an exceptional child who can ride out the conspicuousness that comes from being the token member of the opposite gender. Mighty Mouse and Emma the Brave aren't quite there yet. When I heard their Canadian cousins had a soccer game on the day of our intended visit, I promised we'd attend. In Canada, girls can--and do!


  1. You need to sign them up for intersoccer when you come back. The boys outnumber the girls but the there are more more girls there each season.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on intersoccer! Unfortunately, between regular school and English school, we'd never make it there in time. I'll keep it in mind for next summer, though!