Thursday, September 4, 2008

For the Record

Days of school so far this year: 7
Birthday party invitations received to date: 5

September 11, 2008
Party count: 6


  1. I'd start buying the presents in bulk if i were you. Perhaps the girls can get creative and make presents and cards. I'm sure the girls are thrilled with the busy calendar of parties to attend.

    I would be thinking of setting limits perhaps one party a week max (month would be even better) perhaps unless it's some really close friends I guess but I'm sure that wouldn't be a popular rule. Parties are popular here but not everyone has them i think James went to maybe one every three or four months last year. Damon maybe one or two i can't recall but it's not many.

    I guess popularity has it's drawbacks doesn't it for mommy at least.

  2. Was there some event nine months before September/October of the party givers' birth year that caused people to stay home and make babies? Like the Boston Blizzard of 1978 that produced so many newborns that the hospitals gave out Tshirts to new borns saing "I'm a 1978 Blizzard Baby" or something close like that.