Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blogging My Novel: Revision Rigors

I spent all day Monday reading my book, pen in hand, and all day Tuesday typing revisions. Truth be told, I like it...perhaps a little too much. I'm questioning whether I had enough perspective coming into this.  How can I be done so soon? I must be missing something. I expected to find some glaring plot thread left flapping in the breeze, but didn't. I'm convinced it's there, but I'm just too creatively myopic to see it. This is when I wish I could temporarily erase my memory and read the book as if it were written by someone else. It's a shame I can't put those eyes in the back of my head to better use. 

The scariest thing about this is that I may finally be in a position to write something new. Aside from blogging, this novel has been my only creative outlet for a quite a while. The blank page scares me a bit, but in that I'm not alone. I've sent off the latest draft, so now there is nothing left to do but wait. Hopefully I'll get some more great insight as to how to make the story stronger. This writer will take all the help she can get.

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  1. Fingers crossed the agent is smart enought to see the merit.