Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Eight years ago yesterday you were still in my belly, hiccuping and pressing your feet into my ribs when you stretched. I could hardly wait to see you.  A day later you were in my arms and I was one scared mommy. When you were on the inside, I knew exactly how to take care of you; on the outside, I hadn't a clue! I was sure that you could see how nervous I was when you looked in my eyes, but it didn't seem to bother you in the least. I was your mommy and that was enough. See, you were Emma the Brave from Day 1!

Eight years later, you still amaze me. One minute, you're listening to my Sarah McLaughlin CD's in your room while you colour; the next, you're bombing down a black run during ski school and later telling me it was 'too easy.' I'm afraid to ask what will come next. Thankfully birthdays are a year apart. I've got time to prepare...don't I?

Never forget how much I love you, sweet pea. You are a present I get to open a little bit more every day. For this, I am so grateful...


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  1. The first time I held my daughter in my arms I felt so sorry for her to have someone as a mother who didn't have the foggiest idea what to do next. I hadn't even babysat. She and I survived, you, Emma the Brave and The Mouse will all survive, especially with all that love in your home.

  2. Happy Birthday E! 8 years old already i remember all to well when you were in your mommy's tummy she was so excited about you and still is. I'm so happy your moving closer to us I always looking forward to your visits.

  3. Awww! This was a lovely post. And such a cute baby pic.