Thursday, January 22, 2009

Puddle Jumping

It's official: the Mighty's are moving to the USA.  

To be perfectly honest, I'm nervous, but not terrified. Having survived the transition from Canada to Switzerland with a pre-schooler and toddler in tow, not much can phase me. What troubles me is not so much the unknowns but rather losing what we've worked so hard to achieve. Switzerland has afforded our family the opportunity to live bilingually, perhaps more so than our native Canada. Both my girls speak French like little Genevoises. Emma the Brave even boasts a smattering of Swiss German. Mouse can sing Happy Birthday in four languages, though she can't tell me what the fourth one is. It's only natural that these assets will fade. Like a hole in the sand, our new life will fill in the gaps left by the old.  It's just that there is too much I don't want to forget. It was so hard, so worth it. 

Onward, ho!


  1. Nor will we forget what you've added to our lives and to our writing community here...I know you will forge new relations and who knows maybe someday you can convince them they need the Captain in Geneva again. Think about coming back for conferences...your trips to Canada should be easier.

  2. I know that living in a place like Geneva means that people move all the time. But it's still sad. I hope, however, that this is a good move for you. And I'm sure it'll be amazing wherever you move.

  3. So nicely described..Its always good to look at positive aspects of life I guess..