Friday, January 25, 2008

Mommy Rant

The girls are sick--again! This makes the third virus since Christmas. Our last viral venture drained my stash of Canadian children's ibuprofen so all I have left is the horrid Swiss stuff--so horrid that Emma the Brave flatly refuses to take it. Should her temperature rise any more I'll be forced to break out the suppository version which I'm sure will be a hoot for all within earshot. And then there is the lovely sibling symptom rivalry, each child trying to prove that they are indeed the most ill. Fever trumps a tummy ache, so Mighty Mouse is in the out. To make up for it, she's careful to whimper every so often, just to ensure she has my sympathy and her sister's rage. And I still need to pack and finish my synopsis and get the dog to the kennel and get groceries and do laundry and proof read my first chapter and rant. least one thing's done.

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