Monday, June 2, 2008

And Then There Was One

Seven weeks have passed since Peanut's surprise, nine-pup litter. Thanks to my concerted marketing efforts--which included a rather embarrassing radio appearance where my hamster-sexing skills were put up for hire--I've found homes for all but one girl. Not bad, I'd say, but the search for one more adoptive home continues.

It all began on Day 25 when I drove Biscuit, a girl, and Ferb, a boy, to their new home on the other side of the lake. FYI: in adolescent e-mail speak, 'I don't have a car,' really means, 'I'm not old enough to drive.' I was given strict assurances that they would not be bred. That said, if an advertisement pops up in about three weeks for hamster pups in Coppet, beware.

A few days later, Freddie and Abricot, the two remaining boys, were picked up and brought to their separate adoptive homes--both with young families--leaving us with five girls and the peace of mind that comes from knowing there were no more surprises in the pipe.

Next went Coconut and Pineapple. Now, these two are living proof that the world's inequities extend to hamster-dom. They have not one, not two, but three different cages, each with their own decor. "So that they won't get bored," says the owner. Hmm... I think someone needs a new hobby.

Noisette and Amandine were the last, going to an absolutely lovely woman who works as a nanny. They watch television with her from their cage when she's not giving them the run of her apartment. She has them on baby hamster food until they're ready for the grown up stuff--the stuff I'd been letting them eat since three weeks of age.

So that leaves one. Despite all our efforts to not get attached, we've named her Patches. Cute, eh?