Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day à la Suisse

Father's Day isn't officially recognized in Switzerland. Unless your child goes to a school frequented by loads of expatriates, they won't be coming home with gifts like the ones I've received for Fête de Maman these past four years (see the photos below). It's a bit of a shame and requires the girls and I to get a bit more creative--but we like that.

Two years ago, we invoked a tradition of our own, recruiting a couple of other Canadian families to go water skiing on Lac de Genève. There are a few pay-as-you-go ski boat operators at the Geneva end of the lake. The dads, moms, and the occasional kid ski until their legs jiggle while snacking and sipping between runs. Unfortunately a cool, wet spring has postponed this year's event. Nonetheless, we're having a celebratory barbecue and saving our wet suits for a warmer day.

We love you, Captain! You are a terrific dad!

Porte monnaie by Mighty Mouse

Ivy Sconce and TicTacToe Game by Emma the Brave

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