Friday, June 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I was sure this day would never come: the seedlings were on their last legs--dusky and limp. I'd prepared the kids and the composter. It was just not meant to be.

But then the sun came out--and stayed. Leaves sprouted one, after the other, after the other until, low and behold, the seedlings looked almost presentable. All along the girls had planned to give 'un petit pommier' to their teachers. Now they could. They transplanted them yesterday and presented them today, the last day of school.

Au revoir P'tit Pommier!


  1. Those look great maybe you can send one overseas for me. I guess it won't survive the trip
    I think that is a great present.
    I just went to indigo and purchased a $10 gift card for the boys teachers. Not so great eh.

  2. The seedlings were a gift to the teachers from the girls. I still contributed to the FNAC gift certificates that a group of us parents decided to give together, so don't feel bad. It was most important for the girls to give something they cared about and understood. I, on the other hand, understand both the value of a good teacher and the fun of going to a store and guiltlessly choosing what you want, so the 'bons' were from me. Teaching a kid how to express their gratitude in a way that the receiver will appreciate is a long process.