Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Tell Us, Why Do You Want This Job?

I spent the better part of a week working on my resume and cover letter, trying to sell myself for a job that I am both over and under qualified to perform. In the end, I came to the conclusion that writing fiction felt more honest.

My bare-bones letter of intent asked that I be considered for the posting of teaching assistant for children with special needs, making reference to my eight-year career as a physiotherapist. There was absolutely no mention of my last seven years as a stay-at-home parent. That was the dishonest part, for never in my life have I learned more from my daily successes and failures than since becoming a mother. Unfortunately, that wouldn't fit on the page.

The interview is over. Now it's hurry up and wait.


  1. Everything crossable is crossed here. I will sacrifice a slug if you want.

  2. Hey, good luck with that. They'd be stupid *not* to give you the job.