Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogging My Novel: Back in the Game

No more excuses: it's time to find an agent in the grand ole USA. If you've not been following the saga, let me bring you up to speed: I had two British agents very interested in my novel. One recommended some revisions which, in the end, they liked very much. A second agency read the revised manuscript and liked it, too. But when they heard I was moving state-side, both highly recommended I find representation here. Grudgingly I've moved back to square one, though I have to admit, it makes sense.  
Researching agents and publishers to find the right fit takes time. I spent a half hour in the doctor's waiting room today pouring over the 2006 Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market. Over the next five days I hope to send out five queries. With Mouse home in the morning, that may be the most I can manage. We'll see. I kind of want to find my toaster, too.  I sent off a query less than an hour ago and it's already been rejected. Got to love technology... Onward ho!

(Addendum: track my submission progress in the sidebar. The risk of public ridicule always keeps me on my toes! Oh, and I found my toaster. Five years does not do good things to crumbs.)


  1. Good for you! If you don't have these already...let me know if you want my links to agent directories/repositories online. Keep us updated. We miss you.

  2. Keep at it. Remember my first novel was rejected over 40 times.